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Gothic Flames
a font by Jeff Bensch
Gothic Flames Tattoo Font
This font kicks so much ass! The flaming Gothic letters cry out to be inked on human skin. Can you ignore them? No you cannot, my friend. You cannot.
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Hellion Tattoo Font
A person with this font in their tattoo is probably a pedal-to-the-metal, take-no-prisoners type of person, not afraid to kick a little ass. Are you?
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Blade Tattoo Font
OK, so if you choose this font for your tattoo, you're probably not the most socially well-adjusted person. But you already knew that, right? :)
The Tribal Box
a font by Fernando Haro
The Tribal Box Tattoo Font
This is a great font dedicated to tribal tattoo styles. The font is very simple, but you can surround it with lots of different tribal tattoo designs.
a font by Dan Sabanovici
DespaiR Tattoo Font
Wow, what a great font for a tattoo! It's very expressive and could work with many different images and intentions to create a unique design for you.
Herban Flux
a font by Michael Swiger
Herban Flux Tattoo Font
Baltimore Goth
a font by Kurt Tesnau
Baltimore Goth Tattoo Font
La Tortura
a font by Kara Walter
La Tortura Tattoo Font