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a font by Zetafonts
Byron Tattoo Font
Here's a Romantic handmade font based on the handwriting of Lord Byron, who lived a pretty crazy life. Sound like you? Use it in a tattoo!
Another Shabby
a font by Zetafonts
Another Shabby Tattoo Font
While presenting a very simple appearance, this brush font might have more going on than meets the eye. Would it work for your new tattoo?
Advertising Script
a font by Zetafonts
Advertising Script Tattoo Font
This beautiful vintage brush script will add flair to any tattoo design requiring classic old school calligraphic lettering.
a font by Zetafonts
Adlery Tattoo Font
This is a nice calligraphic script that would make a fine tattoo, bringing a sincerity and warmth to however you may choose to define yourself in ink.
Queen Of Sketchyland
a font by Miss Tiina
Queen Of Sketchyland Tattoo Font
This sketchy, distressed handwritten font lives up to its name and could make an eye-catching tattoo with the right design.
MTF Memory
a font by Miss Tiina
MTF Memory Tattoo Font
This is a lovely, fancy font with lots of little extra curlicues and swashes on capital and descending letters. A gentle touch for your next tattoo.
Frozen Solid
a font by Miss Tiina
Frozen Solid Tattoo Font
This handmade script is cool, expressive and no-nonsense. If that description fits you too, then you might want to use it for a tattoo design.
a font by Miss Tiina
Elegance Tattoo Font
This font has no capital letters, but don't let that stop you from looking. There's a relaxed refinement about it that could be a good fit for you.