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The Dark
a font by Luis Jaramillo
The Dark Tattoo Font
Ink with this font says you've taken a lifetime of hard shots and always bounced back through sheer force of will. If that describes you, grab it now!
Shadows of Security
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Shadows of Security Tattoo Font
Got a tattoo with this font? Then you strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. You ask no quarter, and give none. You sit on a throne of skulls.
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Hellion Tattoo Font
A person with this font in their tattoo is probably a pedal-to-the-metal, take-no-prisoners type of person, not afraid to kick a little ass. Are you?
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Blade Tattoo Font
OK, so if you choose this font for your tattoo, you're probably not the most socially well-adjusted person. But you already knew that, right? :)
a font by Dan Sabanovici
DespaiR Tattoo Font
Wow, what a great font for a tattoo! It's very expressive and could work with many different images and intentions to create a unique design for you.
Phlegmy Kilmister
a font by Mike Gaines
Phlegmy Kilmister Tattoo Font
Baltimore Goth
a font by Kurt Tesnau
Baltimore Goth Tattoo Font
Fiddums Family
a font by Jeff Bell
Fiddums Family Tattoo Font