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Drawing Machine
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Drawing Machine Tattoo Font
If you're looking for a basic graff style font, stop and take a look at this one. It's not fancy, but its simplicity could say a lot in a tattoo.
Olden Times
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Olden Times Tattoo Font
Despite its slanted and uneven appearance, this all-capitals font is pretty cool for a tat. It has a hand-drawn style that delivers a subtle rhythm.
Super Freak
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Super Freak Tattoo Font
This hazy font's fuzzy letter edges have been eroded to give them an indeterminate appearance. The way of all ink, when you think about it! ;)
Basic Chrome
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Basic Chrome Tattoo Font
Less is more! By eroding these letters in a clever way, they now look they could be made of chrome. Would look the same on your skin, check it out!
Level 01
a font by QKila
Level 01 Tattoo Font
This futuristic, electronica-influenced lettering style also hints at some of the most basic patterns of life. You could call it Future Primitive.
Original 301
a font by Woodcutter Manero
Original 301 Tattoo Font
There's something craftsmanlike about this all-caps outlined font. It feels like it was constructed in a workshop. A good fit for your tattoo idea?
Morse Tech
a font by Pixel Sagas
Morse Tech Tattoo Font
Here's an interesting font that is a visualization of Morse Code. A tattoo written in this font would have meaning, but not many would understand it!
a font by Pixel Sagas
Electrorocket Tattoo Font
This font, based on the logo for "The Rocketeer," is a basic, slightly-italicized, lightly-electrified san-serif art deco style.