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DHF Dexgraffiti Return
a font by Dexsar Harry Anugrah
DHF Dexgraffiti Return Tattoo Font
Although it is missing several capital letters, this "Calligraffiti" demo font might be perfect for designing a tattoo for arm, leg, chest, or back.
a font by StereoType
Mustardo Tattoo Font
Are you audacious enough to get a tattoo with this spirited font? This style isn't for the faint of heart, but for the bold and the beautiful.
a font by JOEBOB graphics
KaliGraff Tattoo Font
Is it graffiti? Is it calligraphy? Why not both? It looks good and also warns people to get out of your way on the street. Useful in a tattoo font!
Curly Joe
a font by JOEBOB graphics
Curly Joe Tattoo Font
If your tattoo is in need of a classic handwritten script text style, give this calligraphic font a look. It's appealing without being too fancy!
Calligra Phillip
a font by JOEBOB graphics
Calligra Phillip Tattoo Font
This original calligraphic hand-style font has a flair both regal and dramatic. Used in a tattoo, it might create just the effect you're striving for.
a font by Joseph Garcia
Juiced Tattoo Font
This nice calligraphic tattoo font contains capital letters only. It has a gritty but beautiful urban feel. Try it out here with your own words.
Wide Open Spaces
a font by Jessica Darnell
Wide Open Spaces Tattoo Font
Dark Horse
a font by Daniel Zadorozny
Dark Horse Tattoo Font