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Tengwar Annatar Italics
a font by Johan Winge
Tengwar Annatar Italics Tattoo Font
Tengwar Annatar Italics is the #1 choice of Tolkien fans as it’s the One Ring inscription and it flows beautifully in a cursive and "liquid" way.
Hobbiton Brush Hand
a font by Nancy Lorenz
Hobbiton Brush Hand Tattoo Font
This is based on the signage around Hobbiton. A more decorative font. Based on Elvish runes, no doubt! Would make a nice hobbit-related tattoo. ;)
Elven Common Speak
a font by Nancy Lorenz
Elven Common Speak Tattoo Font
"This little font is the first elvish-style font I tried to do. It's a bit rough, but fun enough." Would make a nice Elvish tattoo design!
Tengwar Annatar
a font by Johan Winge
Tengwar Annatar Tattoo Font
Tengwar Annatar is a standard writing, balanced and with a neutral elvish style. It's the fair hand used by the Dark Lord in his lighter form.