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Odisea Astral Hacia Ganimedes
a font by Roy Carvajal
Odisea Astral Hacia Ganimedes Tattoo Font
Ancient Runes
a font by ModBlackmoon
Ancient Runes Tattoo Font
Tengwar Cursive
a font by Harri Perälä
Tengwar Cursive Tattoo Font
Tengwar Cursive is a tiny Elvish font with some casual and yet elegant calligraphy. Its curvy style is its great charm.
Tengwar Gandalf the White
a font by Erunno Alcarinollo
Tengwar Gandalf the White Tattoo Font
Tengwar-Gandalf = HUGE problem. I had to fix some many things with it, that it’d be completely appropriate to call it "Tengwar Gandalf the White".
Tengwar Formal
a font by Michał Nowakowski
Tengwar Formal Tattoo Font
Tengwar Formal is a very thin and elegant Elvish font. Its form is both feminine and calligraphic. Beautiful Elvish font for tattooing.
Tengwar Teleri
a font by Josh Griffin
Tengwar Teleri Tattoo Font
Tengwar Teleri is not a proof that Elves have bad calligraphy. Take a close look: it’s swans you see! That’s right! A weird looking, original font
Greifswalder Tengwar
a font by Peter Wiegel
Greifswalder Tengwar Tattoo Font
Greifswalder Tengwar is different even in the name. Its Tengwar are interestingly linked when written. A good font for an Elvish tattoo design!
Elfic Caslin
a font by Peter Wiegel
Elfic Caslin Tattoo Font
Surprise, surprise! A Tengwar font that is not called Tengwar! I love this one! It’s like a typewriter version of what Tengwar should look like.