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a font by Xerographer Fonts
MetalShow Tattoo Font
This font is a little bit brutal, a wee bit hardcore, with just a dash of angry thrown in for good measure. Ink it on your body or get out of its way!
a font by StereoType
Frakturika Tattoo Font
Here's a fracked-up Fraktur font for your next tattoo design. It's a bit broken up but still holding together; is that a good description of yourself?
Baked Trains
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Baked Trains Tattoo Font
This sick graff font in your tattoo can tell the world who you are and what you stand for. Check it out and give it a try with your own words or name.
Marcelle Script
a font by StereoType
Marcelle Script Tattoo Font
Many tattoos could be enhanced with lettering made with this distressed calligraphic font with manuscript elements. What do you think?
Black Spiral
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Black Spiral Tattoo Font
Don't look too long or too closely at this font, or you might get sucked into another dimension! Hypnotize anyone who looks at you with this font.
Western Racing
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Western Racing Tattoo Font
This high-energy tattoo font is perfect for people who like to stay up all night. Better than caffeine! This style would really pop on your skin.
Animal Cracker
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Animal Cracker Tattoo Font
It's true that this strange all caps font is a bit unusual, but it's also provocative and not what you'd normally expect to see in a tattoo design.
Uncial Creepy
a font by Peter Rempel
Uncial Creepy Tattoo Font
This font is a magical combination of medieval and horror elements. It's exactly the kind of style you'd expect to see used on Dracula's welcome mat.