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a font by Woodcutter Manero
Saturno Tattoo Font
Here's an attractive calligraphic pen font with bold, wide strokes, at your service for a tattoo design. Try it out and download it here for free.
a font by Typodermic Fonts
Vinque Tattoo Font
Here's an "Arts and Crafts" type of font that is both easy to read and and pleasant to regard. It's like a Gaelic Fraktur style in some ways. Cute!
Ring of Kerry
a font by Sharkshock
Ring of Kerry Tattoo Font
This decorative display font should fill your need for beautifully crafted Irish style lettering in a Gaelic-style tattoo. Easy to read and authentic!
PR Uncial Alt Caps
a font by Peter Rempel
PR Uncial Alt Caps Tattoo Font
Here is a centuries-old font style that can illuminate your skin the same way it illuminated medieval manuscripts: with grace and loveliness.
PR Columban
a font by Peter Rempel
PR Columban Tattoo Font
This font has very good balance and weight and can provide a very noticeable message, should you choose to use it to design your next tattoo.
PR Celtic Narrow
a font by Peter Rempel
PR Celtic Narrow Tattoo Font
"PR Celtic Narrow" is a very attractive font that is clearly inspired by medieval calligraphy, and would work well for many types of tattoos.
a font by Peter Rempel
Gaeilge Tattoo Font
If you're looking for a Gaelic or Irish-themed tattoo font, look no further -- this one is even named after the language!
PR Uncial
a font by Peter Rempel
PR Uncial Tattoo Font
Based on medieval European manuscript styles, this Uncial script font has a strong Celtic feeling that would also look good in a tattoo design. A+