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a font by Pixel Sagas
Anayanka Tattoo Font
This fantasy language font is a hybrid of Gaelic scripting and Cyrillic and Latin lettering. Also excellent for all your secret-message tattoos!
Tragic Prequel
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Tragic Prequel Tattoo Font
A strong script with elegant strokes and a hand-crafted appeal, this excellent font would suit many types of tattoo designs. Make it yours!
Ghetto Fabulous
a font by QKila
Ghetto Fabulous Tattoo Font
Want the wet paint look? This gorgeous calligraphic graff style definitely has it! Each stroke starts fat and ends thin for a sexy, flowing script.
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Bambu Tattoo Font
A font that might go well with floral tattoo designs, the letters of this style seem to be growing quickly, putting out new leaves and shoots.
Haricot Magique
a font by QKila
Haricot Magique Tattoo Font
If you're working on a tattoo idea that uses vines or flowers, consider adding lettering from this elegant font. The capitals resemble growing vines.
a font by Woodcutter Manero
Rodaja Tattoo Font
Feeling a little sweet and lowdown? This simple but smooth and funky font would make a special addition to your collection of body art.
Real Prizes
a font by Xerographer Fonts
Real Prizes Tattoo Font
You probably don't need to be encouraged to stop and look at this amazing script tattoo font! It's bold and super-stylish, one of the very best.
a font by QKila
Chrome Tattoo Font
Do you consider your skin a canvas that's waiting to receive some beautiful art? Here's a lovely calligraphic font that looks like brushstrokes.