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a font by Tama Putra
Clobot Tattoo Font
a font by Saesarez Novandito
Dungeon Tattoo Font
Ciber Gotica
a font by Eduardo Novais
Ciber Gotica Tattoo Font
a font by Pedro Vitale
Octopustype Tattoo Font
Gotham Lullaby
a font by Matias Romero
Gotham Lullaby Tattoo Font
Schneidler Halb Fette
a font by Paulo W
Schneidler Halb Fette Tattoo Font
a font by Paulo W
Morcrepito Tattoo Font
fin fraktur
a font by Paulo W
fin fraktur Tattoo Font
No capitals on this cool old gothic font -- use all lowercase. It's a medieval European design. Good for tattoos that have medieval imagery, perhaps?