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Gothic Flames
a font by Jeff Bensch
Gothic Flames Tattoo Font
This font kicks so much ass! The flaming Gothic letters cry out to be inked on human skin. Can you ignore them? No you cannot, my friend. You cannot.
The FrontMan
a font by Luis Jaramillo
The FrontMan Tattoo Font
If you're seeking a high-energy, heavy metal letter style for your next tattoo, you could do much worse than this killer font, The FrontMan.
The Dark
a font by Luis Jaramillo
The Dark Tattoo Font
Ink with this font says you've taken a lifetime of hard shots and always bounced back through sheer force of will. If that describes you, grab it now!
Shadows of Security
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Shadows of Security Tattoo Font
Got a tattoo with this font? Then you strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. You ask no quarter, and give none. You sit on a throne of skulls.
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Hellion Tattoo Font
A person with this font in their tattoo is probably a pedal-to-the-metal, take-no-prisoners type of person, not afraid to kick a little ass. Are you?
a font by Luis Jaramillo
Blade Tattoo Font
OK, so if you choose this font for your tattoo, you're probably not the most socially well-adjusted person. But you already knew that, right? :)
Wacamoler Caps
a font by deFharo
Wacamoler Caps Tattoo Font
This brash font came here to kick ass or chew bubble gum, and it's all outta gum. Are you tough enough to deserve this font for your tattoo?
a font by Dan Sabanovici
DespaiR Tattoo Font
Wow, what a great font for a tattoo! It's very expressive and could work with many different images and intentions to create a unique design for you.